Hi! Ciao! Hej hej!

If you are reading this, we probably either have some DNA in common, or shared memories (or you’re a stalker — there is always that option). Anyway, whoever you are, pleeeease keep reading. This year I decided to do something a little craycray; I deferred matriculation at Yale in order to take a gap yahhh, in none other than Italia. I have been an Italophile for many moons now, and so a year full of free(r) time, architecture I like, art I can only vaguely pronounce and of course, fattening, delectable foods seemed absolutely perfect to me. This blog serves as a record, proving to all the nonbelievers out there that I AM SPONTANEOUS (well, for a year, at least) and that this actually happened. Feel free to become a follower of this blog, so that I know you’re out there and so that I feel important.

Finally, if you’re reading this, I probably want to know how you’re doing. Write me an email or something. If you give me your address, I promise I will send you a postcard from some exotic Italian locale! Enticing? Yes.


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  1. Lakisha May

    Hi lovely Anya

    So sad that I missed you in New York. I went home to VA for some much needed R&R. I will be reading your blog, definitely. If I haven’t told you already you are such an inspiration and I am so happy to know you. I look forward to us connecting in person soon. Well, when you get back to US. 🙂 Unless I take a trip to Italy, which would be so FABULOUS. But for now I will just live vicariously through you. 🙂

    Much love,

    • Hi Lakisha!
      I’m so bummed that I missed you in New York too! I’ll be stopping there for a few days on my way home, all the way in the end of April… Perhaps we can meet up then! Of course, it would be SO fun if you could come out here. It’d be like Bath all over again! (Speaking of which, I’m going to visit people in England, too!)
      I am so happy to know you as well. I wish we lived closer together so that I could see you in more plays, because I am continually so inspired (I think I wrote all of this gushing praise in an opening/closing night card to you at some point, no?).
      Anyway, thank you for the lovely note, and for subscribing, and I hope to see you soon!
      Much love,

  2. Anya, I talked to your mom and dad on Thanksgiving. They’re very proud of your accomplishments and of what you’re up to. They invited me to follow you on this blog, so here I am.
    I remember Venice. Anne and I went there a few times — once for a cruise of the Greek Islands. But we loved Venice the best. We even have a Murrano glass bowl we bought there. And Syd now fits into a suit I bought there before our cruise.
    I’m glad you took the time to do all that you’re doing. These are memories that will last your lifetime.
    .. cherrish them always.
    .. no regrets,
    Uncle Gregor

    • Hi Uncle Greg,
      Thanks so much for checking in on the blog. A murano bowl — cool! I didn’t buy anything when I was there but I certainly enjoyed it. I’m so jealous that you went on a cruise there — I always saw those boats (HUGE!) and thought it looked awesome. As far as the memories go, yes, I will keep them with me forever!
      Happy holidays, and lots of love,

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