Believe it or not, I am writing this post from good ole sunny San Francisco.

I’ve been home for exactly one week now, but I’m pretty sure this whole gap year thing has messed up my sense of time for good. (On the bright side, I do seem to actually possess an inkling of a sense of direction compared to when I last wandered through San Francisco – one point for Anya!) Everything seems pretty much the same, but all of Toby’s friends are older (and EVERY SINGLE ONE is now taller than me). I keep having this semi-terrible realization that Toby is growing up. I’ve officially become one of those people that cries at middle school concerts (reference Toby’s concert at Marin Country Day School last night…). Does this mean I’m beginning the transition to adulthood? Oy vey.

To avoid my impending adulthood, here are some pictures from my last few days of the trip.

by Mariam

Explorin’ the Boboli Gardens

Reminiscent of the Secret Garden?

More secrets

Boboli Gardens

Top of a tower — where Artemis’ family friend lives! Jaysus.

Imagine summer lunches here…


in Piazza della Signoria, one minute from my apartment


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