a quick czech-in

I took my time leaving the airport. I exchanged my euros for Czech crowns, and looked around rather half-heartedly for bus #119. Eternally sleep-deprived, consequently nonchalant, and anticipating a long bus ride, I obediently followed the exit sign. And then, out of the corner of my eye, something strange occurred.


Suddenly everything started happening in slow motion, and before I knew it I could hear the Beach Boys harmonizing to “G-d Only Knows” like in Love, Actually. I don’t want to get too emotional here (hello, public internet world!), but let it be known that what followed was just one great hug. I don’t think we even really knew what to say – I mean, what can you say to one of your best, best friends that you’re seeing for the first time in seven months, in PRAGUE of all places?! I cried (thank you, Mom’s genes…) which was mildly hilarious because Te then revealed how before meeting up with me, she was thinking to herself, “So… what should I do when Anya starts crying…?” That’s what friends are for, folks, that’s what friends are for.

I’m getting distracted because I really want to allow the weighted bricks I call my eyelids to make the walls of Jericho and FALL. Anyway, the weekend was just divine. The first order of business was to find a café and attempt to somehow “catch up”, as the kids say.

Like everyone told me, Prague was beautiful, and certainly felt quite different than the cities in Western Europe I’ve seen (Prague is the most eastern in Europe that I’ve gone). For some reason, what stood out to me first were the colors of the houses: lots of pastels. Periwinkle blue, cream cheese, peach.

The second thing I noticed was probably the multitude of babushkas. Name a person/type of person/country, and there’s a babushka for it. Rabbis, chefs, Marilyn Monroe, Obama – they’ve got it all.

We walked across the Charles Bridge, to the Prague castle and (really cool) church near it.

On the Charles Bridge

I found the architecture of the church somewhat intimidating, for some reason, so I decided to try on a hat and be equally intimidating.

We also made a stop at the John Lennon wall, where all the colors made me vaguely dizzy and also quite happy. My favorite picture is probably our awkward hand-holding, heart-straddling shot. All you need is love.

I was lucky enough to meet four incredibly kind people this weekend, two of whom were our very hospitable and friendly hosts. The other two were a friend of Te’s and a friend of that friend, so the whole Prague weekend felt kind of like a convention of travelers (especially since the people we were staying with were also travelers of a kind – not originally from Prague). It’s nice when you can go to a whole new place and feel quite comfortable, mostly as a result of the people you happen to meet. It makes the world feel safe and good. Of course, I know I am swimming in my own naivety and relentless optimism right now, but so be it. The city-scape of Prague closes my post. Farewell until next time!


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