le belle cose non sono cose

I am approaching the one-month-left limit, and consequently have this sudden desire to be insanely productive with my remaining time. Thus, in my true neurotic way, I have re-adopted my compulsive list-making habits (did they ever really go away?). I’ve made a list (“Da List”, if you must know) of the things I want to do in the Florence area, and also a list of films I want to see. (Somehow this year has been partially dubbed a film appreciation year.) I am happy to report that I am actually accomplishing things on not one but BOTH of those lists. Huzzah!

First of all, I saw Pulp Fiction. Zed’s dead. One film down.

Second of all, today I took the train to Pisa, and saw the famous leaning tower we all hear so much about. It reminds me of some sort of Ripley’s Believe-it-or-Not fake structure. That being said it is, indeed, real. Sinking more and more each day, I imagine.

And tilt.

En route to the Torre

Ciao for now!


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