This year's "plum blossom photo". From the Ponte Garibaldi, over the River Tevere (Tiber).

This is another one of those “promise” photos where I ensure you eager readers that a blog post is COMIN’ SOON! Here are some sneak peek six-word catch phrases to entice you:

  • Three American girls seek shabbat dinner.
  • “NEVICA!” stranger shouts from unseen window.
  • “Temple?” “No, it’s a parking lot.”
  • Plan B: One-euro sunflower ride.
  • Lesson: “Casa di Riposo” = Senior Center.
  • Hours later, cioccolato caldo: delicious, smooth.

If that didn’t make you curious, I don’t know what will.

A dopo!


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One response to “aspetta…

  1. Joanna Callenbach

    …they paved paradise and put up…a parking lot?!

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