So, I am actually busy here. It’s nice to have school again (just when you thought I couldn’t get any dorkier), and it’s certainly a change from when I felt like I had endless free time. I still feel like I have a lot of free time, but because things take longer in new places, there’s always a lot to get done. Namely, I feel like I spend the majority of my time grocery shopping. (Woohoo for looking out for my own health!) I’ve been eating a lot of salads, always good.

Anyway, I went to the quaint little town of Orvieto last weekend, enjoyed walking through the sun (while simultaneously freezing – what a concept), feeling the cold of the cobblestone through my wool socks, eating a four-course meal with black truffles that reminded me of Massimo and Cinzia, and meeting the charismatic, no-English-speaking owner of “Il Mago di Oz”. I love getting outside of the city – the vibe is so different from the hustle and bustle (read: incredibly loud and perhaps obnoxious cars/motorcycles that use honking for communicating like some people use shoes for walking) of the eternal city. Here are some highlights of Orvieto:

This feels like "real Italy" to me. Whatever that means. Who knows. Maybe I just need sleep.

Fashionable old ladies never cease to impress me

What a street

Mariam and Ilana (and doors)

Cats hanging out near the caves

There is a whole series of caves under the ground of Orvieto. This particular room was for pidgeon offspring. I don't know exactly what the pidgeons were needed for (message carrying? eating? who knows)

There I am with the owner of "Il Mago di Oz", a store with all these very strange personalized old-fashioned toys/magazines/lamps/small things

So nice.

And now I had better get back to writing about Article 231 of the War-Guilt clause! History class, here I come.

Finally finally, check the itinerary section of the blog, sil vous plait (helloooo internationality). I have my spring break plans figured out!


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