last night of my gap year’s gap year

So, my month and a half-ish of semi-insane traveling has come to a close (just about). In a mere 12 hours, I will be sitting on a plane headed to Rome, where the San Francisco-based program I’ll be doing for the next three months begins. I’ll do a longer post once I’m settled in there, something about reflection and I-statements and other things that would make my favorite awkwardly named alma mater* proud. For the time being, I’m in the hostel which for some reason is playing strangely heavy metal-ish electric guitar music, that would probably not make said awkwardly named alma mater proud.

I’ll leave you with this morsel about my time here in Berlin — a note I wrote on my handy dandy new phone. Enjoy. Or some verb. I don’t know if it’s a really enjoyable thing. as much as it’s just strange.

“There is a woman on the subway across from me eating poppyseed bread. She takes a huge bite and then chews – only on the right side of her mouth – for several minutes. The poppyseed bread has two layers, so it is a little under two inches tall. It is maybe two and a half by four inches in dimension. She ate over half of it — both layers at once — in two bites. As I write this I notice she has commenced on a new set of two layers of poppyseed bread. These ones hold at least one piece of salami between them. Her bite size remains constant.”

Also this is the Jewish Museum, which was incredible. More later.

* = It was called Lick-Wilmerding, if you didn’t know that.


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