Well, well, well, faithful followers. I owe you an apology.


Things have been slightly crazy over the last few weeks, as you can probably imagine (I know you can, cynical reader). I have been moving all over the place (“place” = Europe), and consequently have had little time for this lil’ guy (“guy” = blog). Anyway, enough jabbering. Here I am. Photo time.

Hannukah candles at the Robsons'

Lynne and Rosa (so cuuuute!)

Pancakes on Christmas! (Fruit sauce -- recipe of the Richkinds!)

My first real Christmas of ALL TIME

Trifle -- made by Rosa and meeee

Longleat (Rich guy buys a bunch of animals, turns his house into a public zoo, to save himself from bankrupcy. Can I do this too?)

Oscar and me (in the exact same place where I took a picture two-ish years ago!)

Oscar told me he was doing his scary face...

Onward to Paris 2.0:

Sassy snitches

Happy snitches

And then we go to Cold Land:

Cute little cafe in Stockholm. My first "fika"!

Dinner with the snitch

Little kids in full snow gear are probably just the cutest people around

Now officially part of the pact of Scandinavian solidarity

Swedish gurl is sooooo excited for the snow

My first snow. My gosh.

Could I be a more obnoxious tourist? It may not be possible.

And now I must go, because Alessia and I are going out to dinner — to a place that sounds like a Thai rainforest cafe! WOOOHOO!


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  1. Joanna Callenbach

    Anya!!! I soooo enjoyed these pics! You are really covering so many bases, from old friends like Rosa and litle Oscar to animals (Longleat is a famous manor btw), snow flakes and — pasta and broccoli!! Sure looks like fun. Gald you shared our complicated culinary skills with the Robsons as well as religious/cultural celebrations. Can’t believe that you are now in the land of many vowels, faux fur hoods and snow! So cool looking. Your Stickholm shots make me remember my Swedish friends from the kibbutz years ago: they were so nice! Enjoy Stockholm! And give a hug to Alessia for me! Love & kisses, Mom

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