movin’ (and groovin’)

Okay world, I go to London now. Really nice last night in this glorious place. Migi, you are reading this; you are the best.

See you in a week and a half, Paris! Ciao ciao.



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2 responses to “movin’ (and groovin’)

  1. Migi

    ohhhh!!!I really don’t want you to leave!!!i cannot say how amazing was just having you here for a week!!!!even if we never sleep and stop talking in this friendship!!!:)

    so go girl!go see the word!!!you will always have a home in Paris here in ménilmontant!

    just to remind you our deal about Pop CornS and you bringing in US some French expressions!!so, never loose your north sista’ 🙂

    (why music in the radio turned so sad just right now? it’s a coincidence?come on FIP it’s already a sad moment so, be kind! – for the rest of the word, FIP is the readio we use to listent in my appartement)

    really, not loose yourself reading this post just right now! stay focus ad keep packing London is waiting for you!!!!!!!

    Just for your last day here Paris decided to wear her most beautiful de
    ress so let’s go having a walk in this amaizing sunny Paris just before say goodbye!!

    plein de bisous


  2. Migiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I miss you!!! I’m still thinking about how good that last dessert we got was… Almost as good as popcorns! SEE YA SOON!
    Bisous bisous,

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