Clarification to World Wide Web

From Migi: “Dear Anya, I think we should review our privacy setting agreement. Indeed, you should clarify that, in despite of the photo you just posted on your website, I am pretty much good-looking, when I have not working for 12 hours, and have to leave for Switzerland in three hours. Thank you, beforehand, for your help on this issue. Best regards, Migi”

(She’s a lawyer.)

(Photo selected by Migi)



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2 responses to “Clarification to World Wide Web

  1. Joanna Callenbach

    Anya please tell her that we KNOW how absolutely exquisitely good-looking she is!! I never skip a chance to comment on how Conzia has two of the best looking offspring ever!!! Seriously!!!

  2. Migi

    thank you JoJo!!!!! 🙂

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