Well geez, it’s been a little while. Luckily I’m feeling so happy at the moment, mostly because I’m DONE BEING SICK! Finalmente.

So, what did I do while I was sick, you might ask. Mostly I heard about The Secret of Asteraceae through various incredibly enthusiastic reports from the actors, other students, parents, and of course, my family (shocker). Suffice it to say that my joy at hearing about how the play went nearly made me forget that I was coughing up my innards. All disgustingly visual metaphors aside, I am so, so, so proud of those eight actors — you are pretty much the best thing that’s happened to me.

Also, while I was sick, we roasted chestnuts. I explained the concept of s’mores to Massimo and Cinzia a while ago, at which Cinzia brought home these really weird colorful Italian marshmellows. It was cold. Roasted chestnuts and s’mores were perfect. Massimo loved the s’mores. I told him he is now an honorary 12-year-old American boy scout.

Chestnuts roasing on an open fire

Who knew Christmas songs could be so literal?

This was also the night of THE GAME. A dutiful bulldog even when abroad, I chanted a few "Roast Harvard"s.

I mean it's not like there's a disproportional amount of pictures of me eating on this blog.

Massimo, Cinzia and I celebrated my first day of normalcy (whaddup reference to American history — name which president claimed he would facilitate a “return to normalcy” — Thanksgiving must be coming up!) by taking a trip to Trieste. We went to an agriturismo my family went to when we came to Italy five or so years ago. This glorious place called Mezzaluna, where everything is made of wood. Little kids ran around jibbering (in Italian, about 14125 times more adorable than when in English) between slurps of bolognese. I love this place. The atmosphere is unparallelled.

Tiramisu with WHITE CHOCOLATE. I was so happy that I got confused. It's hard to explain.

There it is! Mezzaluna!

Toby, remember this!?!? The see-saw...

To walk off the 2314th pasta baby of this gap year, we went to Castello di Miramare, a castle built for Austrian royalty. Each window faces the sea. I can’t describe how overwhelmingly beautiful this place was. Sublime (Dr. Shimek junior year yep!).

Just as that one bird started to fly away! Woo

We also chose the perfect time to go -- just before the sunset.

The Castle! (again, reality check?)

Anyay and the castle

Anyay and the water

Cinzia and I!

Then I bought some gloves (winter is almost upon us) and we came home. We ate “toast” — which actually means a small sandwich, with prosciutto and cheese — for dinner, as we typically do on Sundays. (Eat a huge lunch –> eat toast for dinner = semi-normal amount of food consumed per day.)

I spent the next day in Venice with the snitches, since there was this “SALUTE” festival day going on. Everyone went to this one church and lit candles. I didn’t really know what was going on, but was so grateful to be away from the tourists. (The tourists are FINALLY leaving Venezia — it felt more like an actual, thriving city today.) There were also all these street vendors with Sicilian desserts, so Alessia and I justified eating fried dough + nutella by remembering that we only have a few weeks left! That’s a good enough reason!

Outside of the church

Candle-related activities

Lillian Gish face?

And finally, that night, I went to our neighbor Maria’s house and got recipes for a few Italian desserts, including Salame al cioccolato (chocolate that looks like salami — incredible) and Torta Squisita (“Exquisite Cake” — and it’s modest too!). She taught me how to liquoro al cioccolato, which I’m going to make tomorrow, to be consumed on Thanksgiving!

Bubble bubble toil and trouble

Remember a while back when I said I thought Venice was a city meant to be seen in the sunny, sunny sunlight? I changed my mind. This weather is mysterious and foggy and so good. This is what it makes me think of:

Here are some pictures I took today while waiting for the vaporetto at San Servolo. Water water water:

I mean, you're kidding right? Not even touched by photoshop. Geez!

I’m also feeling happy because I finally got around to reading the essay David (the man who spoke at the film festival, Yale class of 1950) sent me about the connection between Victorian era theater and early silent cinema. I know I’m excessively dorky but I thought it was so cool. And I had an interview via Skype (we fancy) with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival where I will do an internship this summer! It’s a combination of actors like Lillian Gish and movies like The Circus and a big huge event like the Aim High Showcase on way too many steroids. Sounds good to me! Alright, that’s all for now. Sono stanca. Ciaoooo!


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