sono malata.

It seems that I am sick. Boo. Massimo says he thinks it’s because I’m not used to the cold (and I’m the one planning to go to Sweden in January?! Good choices), so I spent all of today under blankets watching Casablanca (so good) an eating pasta and absentmindedly researching various playwriting things. I hope I’m better tomorrow, because the plan was to go to Elena’s grandma’s house for lunch, with Elena and all of her cousins! She says her grandma is a fantastic cook… And this weekend I celebrate Alessia’s brirthday with the mask I’ve been working on all week (you’ll see…), so yes, I really hope I recover soon!

To make everyone happier, here are some pictures of Lillian Gish from Broken Blossoms, a D.W. Griffith film I watched on Monday. Please see it. After being called racist for Birth of a Nation (in which the KKK are the good guys and the African Americans are vilified — I’d say it’s okay to start judging Griffith right about NOW), Dee Dubbya decided to show the world he actually liked non-whites by making Broken Blossoms. This is hilarious/ironic to me because Broken Blossoms relies so heavily upon stereotypes of Chinese people, exemplified by the use of “yellow-face” — when a white actor wears make up to make himself look Asian. Furthermore, the yellow-faced actor’s character was aptly named “The Yellow Man”. Keeping his eyes half-closed throughout the entire film succeeded only in making him look perpetually stoned.

And finally, a shout-out to the eight glorious actors performing in “The Secret of Asteraceae”* right now! I’m so honored, and cannot WAIT to see the footage of the show!

*I wrote it! Commissioned by my middle school drama teacher. Woohoo!



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4 responses to “sono malata.

  1. Joanna Callenbach

    Anya, I love Lilian Gish — so soulful, so delicate yet spirited! Amazing prototype of her times. And yes, the Secret is out! The play is amazing and the Upper School at MCDS apparently totally loved it today! Many accolades to you and Toby from a variety of people who saw it. Can’t wait to see the closing tonight!!!

  2. povera anya, i hope you are starting to feel better there!
    i will definitely check out Broken Blossoms. i guess dw maybe liked non-whites but apparently not non-white actors!!
    and yes i too am looking forward to see the show one last time tonight, and this time i will remember to pack plenty of kleenex!
    see ya

  3. PS
    I just took another look at miss gish up there, and you know who she kinda reminds me of? she looks a little like you! (doing your “triste, povera ragazza” look that makes the audience go “awwww” …she does it well and so do you!

  4. PPS
    you mentioned to me that she lived a long life. but you will be blown away when you see the date she died…go ahead look it up. and now I know why you channel lillian gish……….

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