After another Friday night in Piccolo Mondo (this time with two people in our group wearing pajamas… life choices!), I am now headed to Estria for the long weekend. Estria is a apparently very Italian region of Croatia. I’m going with Massimo and Cinzia, and the main purpose is to eat truffles! I hear we can also swim and hike and look at how pretty Croatia is and stuff.

In other news, I bought winter shoes. This is real.

In other other news, I just read “1984”. Couldn’t go to sleep until I finished it. And then promptly couldn’t go to sleep AFTER I finished it, because I was so depressed/terrified. Anyway, insanely good book. I thought it was a little annoying at first, because it sounds like it’s just this guy moaning and groaning about how much the future sucks (and it does suck, no redeeming qualities whatsoever) but then there’s heresy and rebellion and love and all that good stuff! I highly recommend it.

And if YOU (you? you!) have any literary recommendations for me, please let me know! I spend about two hours on a train all told when I go into Venice (which I do a lot), so I have plenty of time to read!

In the last news of all, I booked my train ticket from Paris to London! I’m excited to a) take a train that goes under water (!?!?) and b) see ROSAAAA! (not necessarily in that order).

Ci vediamo dopo!


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