I have a new favorite city, I think. Vicenza. It was nice to see cars after the lovable-but-snail-paced vaporettos that make Venice a tourist destination (in addition to all the churchs, and stuff and that place called San Marco or something? Whatevs). This is Vicenza:

I started freaking out a little bit as soon as I got off the train at Vicenza, because what does this look like? I felt like I had been transported back into the good ole US of A — albeit not to the Best Coast. The historic statues, the trees… it felt just like the East Coast to me. The reason why I worked up the motivation to travel to Vicenza (it’s about two hours by train from Pordenone) was because Alessia told me about a chocolate fair there… A CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL! So yes, I took an equal amount of photos of the chocolate as of Vicenza. Nomz:


Isn't that just the cutest

Alessia and a chocolate kebab

Vicenza is also famous for having a bunch of architecture designed by Palladio (as if this city needs anything besides the chocolate!). I liked what I saw.

Basilica Palladiana (right next to the chocolate festival booths)

Teatro Olimpico

Teatro Olimpico

Teatro Olimpico (yah I went a little crazy with all the pictures of the Teatro)

Teatro Olimpico (again)

Palazzo Chiercati

Also on Saturday I rode a motorcycle! Elena has one. I kept saying “I’m living the dream I’m living the dream” to which she just laughed because apparently youngsters in Italy often have motorcycles…. I was mildly terrified the whole time, but we deal.

She couldn't believe I wanted to take a picture.


I also ate a lot of food (what else is new) because we went to two dinners with family friends in one weekend (freshman fifty…). I love those dinners. I get to try new food and speak Italian and learn that in Italy, people sometimes combine chocolate with liquor. Who knew. Tomorrow I’m going to Padova — ciao ciao!


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  1. Joanna Callenbach

    Wow! Anya, you are so right about Vicenza looking like the East Coast! Must be some colleges there also. The turning leaves are the essense of fall; in contrast, here we have green hillsides all of a sudden due to an early rain. Also much appreciate your artsy shots of trees, lights, elaborate chocolates and the Teatro Olimpico! Really, those chocolate shoes are a bit, well…you know, weird, wonderful and bizarre! Just imagine actually eating one…and Elena’s litle motorbike looks very cute and sturdy, although not nearly as cute as the chocolate sheep, who may well represent a new high on the cuteness scale. Adorable!! You should consider a book, along the lines of “What Freshman Fifteen? My Gap Year 50.” Yeah? Although I can’t imagine you actually gaining anywhere near that much!! Love yah, Jojo

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