un bel fine di settimane

Hello! So I am tired. But writing this in the spirit of perseverance and getting stuff done.

Last weekend was so much fun. I went into Venice friday night, hung out in the residence and learned a lot about what it means to be a teenager in various European countries, so to speak, an then experienced Piccolo Mondo. Piccolo Mondo is seemingly the one and only club in Venice.  It really is piccolo. Everyone kind of makes fun of Piccolo Mondo but I thought it was so homey that it was nice! It’s a very good place to go with a group of people you like, and since I went I with seven-ish people, we pretty much filled the place. Woohoo!

I went home the next morning (Marion’s roommate was out of town this weekend — we’ll see if she really exists) sleep-deprived and hungry, but also generally satisfied with the world and my life and all those things. Once back in Pordenone, I ate a massive plate of polenta with cheese and this sauce made out of pumpkin (YUM!) and then proceeded to sleep for three hours. I woke up to meet Elena and her friends in Pordenone, to go to a free reggae concert. BEfore the concert, I had this incredible coffee drink from my new favorite place (other than the menza on guidecca). I have actually been very careful with my money here, so it was nice to splurge and buy a treat! The concert was lovely; it’s really something to see an obviously Italian man singing not only in English, but in English with a Jamaican accent. Not bad.

I headed back into Venice very early Sunday morning, and traveled out to Murano and Burano. Jenny, Marion, Aleessia and I started off with the big Erasmus/Ca’foscari group but separated ourselves pretty quickly. Burano was my favorite. It’s pretty incredible how happy those colored houses made me. And not just me; there is something joy-inducing about purple and blue and pink and green just casually covering full walls. Ere is the photographic evidence:



Murano glass orchestra -- awwww

Murano -- glass sculpture


Jenny has found her wall.

Burano -- my wall.

Would ya look at that!

We ended the day with some cioccolato caldo. So. Good.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with a professor from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice — hopefully I can take his film course there in November/December! Ciao ciao


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