mela in una camicia

First of all, that’s how you say apple pie in Italian. It translates literally to “apple in a t-shirt”. Of course I immediately picture an apple in a little T-shirt that says “Marin Catholic Football” (which I actually saw on a T-shirt at a thrift store in Venice — how strange) or something generic and vaguely hipster like that.

Secondly, I realize I never put up any pictures of Vallenoncello, where I’m living. A few days ago when I was walking back from the bus stop and everything looked beautiful, I took some pictures. Vallenoncello is 15 minutes outside of Pordenone, which is already a small town (Elena calls it “Pordeonoia” — noium means boredom), so Vallenoncello definitely has a very small-Italian-town vibe. I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb — walking down the road in my leather jacket or bright blue ceggings. Even the cats wandering around stare at me.

Also I ate at the Menza on Guidecca yesterday and it was SO GOOD! So much better than the one near (/in) the train station. I got pasta, rice with chicken, tiramisu, a bottle of water and a coffee for four euros! Yes.


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