buon compleanno a cinzia

Buon compleanno!

We celebrated Cinzia’s birthday last sunday. We all tromped over to her brother’s house, which is in another frazione of Pordenone (Italian families don’t seem to move — over several generations — which means that everyone is quite close to each other. In fact, Cinzia’s two brothers live literally next door to each other. It all feels reminiscent of the whole paterfamilias thing?). It was lovely. 5 hours of eating, once again. Not a problem. We didn’t eat dinner (it’s becoming a Sunday routine… I’m not complaining.) And we spoke in Italian the whole time! Yes.


Sometimes I don't even know what I'm drinking.

I love this. This IS Cinzia. This was candid. Obviously.

Look at those mountains!

Outside of Cinzia's brother's house. After returning from the walk to work off our food twins, we ate more. JUST kidding -- we drank coffee/tea/whisky-in-coffee-if-your-name-is-Massimo.

Ti voglio bene, ciao ciao.



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2 responses to “buon compleanno a cinzia

  1. So what exactly were you drinking? Certamente, qualcosa molto italiano!

  2. Jojo

    Anya, Cinzia is as beautiful as ever — and wearing one of my favorite colors! And yes the mountains and the bougainvillaea look so picturesque too. LIke the view from the upstairs room we stayed in. Couldn’t help but notice someone’s dainty little toes amidst the vibrant flowers! Looks like an absolutely lovely way to celebrate!! And what a gorgeous fruit cake!!!! Yum-yum-yum! Anche ti vogio bene; ciao ciao per adesso, Jojo

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