venezia in la notte

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Anywho, I got back from Venezia about an hour and a half ago. Yesterday I went into Pordenone to see where the Giornate del Cinema Muto is based (which starts this coing weekend — I’m so excited!!), then came back home for lunch (everything here shuts down fro around 2:30 – 5), bought a watch, and then headed out to Venice for a night on the town. I met my friends at the Vaporetto (water ferry) stop on the island of Giudecca. Giudecca is surrounded by the biggest canal in Venice, so the only way to get to it is via vaporetto. We went back to the residence for a bit, got ready to go out, met up with some more people and then began our trek to Popcorn, the club where this party was. Popcorn was in Venezia Mestre, which is the mainland — i.e. not pretty, and no canals… Yikes. Basically this place was incredibly hard to find, and our journey all told took two hours… Once we made it, twas greeeeaat! The music left something to be desired, but it was really fun to meet more people. I now know people from the following countries:

1. France (is where my friend Marion is from. She has a double room, but no roommate yet, and was nice enough to let me crash in her dorm!)

2. Sweden (which sounds awesome. We talked for ages about “The GIrl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Did you know the original title was “Men who Hate Women”?! I kid you not! My new Swedish friend, Alessia, was telling me about the melancholy air of Scandinavia that is totally lacking in the American version of the film. It’s a very odd situation because the movie was filmed in Sweden, written by a Swede, but doesn’t really take any consideration of the whole “Scandinavian vibe” thing. Furthermore, because American films are pretty popular throughout Europe — here in Italy basically every movie on TV is American, dubbed in Italian — the American version is now showing in Sweden, with Swedish subtitles. Weird, eh??)

3. Germany

4. China (non-European, whaddup!)

5. England

6. Portugal (Lisbon, from what I hear, is somewhat like San Francisco!)

7. Austria (where I want to visit strictly for the purpose of buying chocolate.)

8. Italy (I mean, duh.)

9. America (I finally met another American! He was from Atlanta, Georgia! It’s surprising how weird it was to meet someone actually from the US. Basically all the international kids are here through Erasmus, this European exchange program, so they’re usually from around Europe.

Anyway, my internal clock is a liiiiiittle bit confused, since I went to sleep just after 5 in the morning. Yay for going to class tomorrow!


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