scuola ha cominciato

WAH sorry didn’t realize it’s been almot a full week since my last post!

I started my classes (two out of the three) last week, so I’m just starting to settle into a routine. It’s still a bit surreal to get off the train four times a week and open my eyes in Venice… What a treat. This is a city meant to be seen on sunny, sunny days — I’m sure of it. All the students in the classes I’m taking are older than me, but they are very very nice, and I’m making friends! (Don’t worry family.) I’m actually going into Venice tonight for this massive all-universities-in-Venice party thing, so I’m quite excited. I really don’t feel like posting right now, but I felt some weird obligation when I noticed that it’s been almost a week. I’ll write more when I’m more inspired!

Hasta pronto.



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2 responses to “scuola ha cominciato

  1. You party animal you! Those Venetian kids are full of such vitality! Have a great time and thanks for your words!

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