osteria gostilna

Did you know that you can find the best food of all time right on the border between Italy and Slovenia? I didn’t know either. But it’s true. I’ve learned that Sunday lunches are supposed to be HUGE, like the apex of the entire week. So, Massimo, Cinzia and I drove nordeste until we hit the Slovenian border (I was actually in Slovenia for about four minutes, when Massimo missed his turn). We went to an agriturismo there, and I am actually still in shock over the food. Time to salivate:


The best cheese. Massimo told me that they make it by digging a hole in the ground and leaving the cheese there for months. It ages, and then you eat it. They figured this out during some war or another, when they were hiding cheese from the enemy/saving food. COOL?!?

This was called Sketzli or something along those lines. The meat was called Speck. Since we were on the border, the food is a mix of Italian and Slovenian -- thus the names. Everyone there is bilingual (including the food).

Massimo's description: "Tastes like pancakes!"

Chocolate mousse with coffee, Bailey's and crushed cashews. And this specialty spiced wine that is so special it doesn't even have a name -- only this place makes it. Coincidentally, this area is known for wine. Maybe I'll be a connoisseur one day...

Pretty nice setting, si?

View of the Osteria from the back

The Osteria!

Other highlights of the lunch:

1. I explained the concept of a food baby (bambino di cibo) to my Italian fmaily, and Cinzia said she had “gemelli di cibo”: food twins. I thought it was funny.

2. I successfully told my first joke in Italian! It was the suuuuper hilarious one about the fly swimming the backstroke. Che fa questo insecto in mi acqua? Sta nuotando in dorso! Ja ja ja.

3. We walked around the town, San Floriano, after eating lunch (had to do something to get rid of those gemelli). It was so beautiful; pretty much all it has are osterias, trattorias, resorts and houses. Massimo and Cinzia want to retire soon and are thinking of moving there… I approve.

My favorite Italian family, certo

The Slovenia side of the border, from way back in the day

The Italian side of the border


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