sono arrivata

Well, after a million (30) hours of traveling, I have arrived. Even after just a day here, I can already feel my Italian improving. Mostly because no one except Massimo speaks English! Hurrah.

There’s something called “Pordenonelegge” (meaning “Pordenone Reads”) going on in town this week, where a bunch of famous authors come to Pordenone and talk. This means there are various book stations set up all throughout the town, so the whole place has a very literary feel. There are also a lot of exhibits around, two of which I visited today. I liked the second a whole lot — it was called something along the lines of “Fotografo di Fotografo”, so all the photos were of other photos being taken. Additionally, I took photos of these photos, creating photos of photos of photos (whew, try saying that 5 times fast). Other than that, I didn’t take any pictures today, mostly because I’m gonna wait until I actually know my way around before looking like a complete tourist.

That being said, I’m going to Venice tomorrow, so I’m sure the tourist side (which is pretty much all sides) will emerge. I’m going to Ca’Foscari (the school in Venice where I’m taking classes) to talk with the legendary Emilia, so that Massimo and I can go to the questura and get me all registered and stuff next.

Oh, and also, I’ve already had my first gelato here. It’s really hot here (apparently much hotter than it usually is in September), so there really was no choice. I also went to Massimo’s office and met his co-workers, all of whom wanted to practice their English on me. We worked out a deal; I speak Italian to them and they reply in English. Perfetto.

The jetlag is very present right now, so I’m not gonna write much more, because coherency is proving more difficult than usual… More tomorrow!

(Also, no more English translations in the titles. You guys are gonna have to figure it out. Buona fortuna.)


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  1. papa

    too bad u had no choice but to have that gelato!!
    such a sacrafice!!

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