yale | la scuola di miei sogni

I’ve spent the last few days at Yale, in New Haven, Connecticut. I am lucky enough to stay with good ole Maddie (friend from San Francisco), who lives in the Princess suites (yes, that’s right, there are suites called Princess suites here) in Welch Hall. It’s time for some picture updates. Lezzz go.

Maddie! (in Commons)

Mansfield Street (where Jenny, whose bike I borrowed for the Closer to Free ride, lives. A really cute street!)

Impromptu wedding outside Beinecke (rare books) library. Andres and I were sitting on that bench and were politely asked to move so that the bride and groom could take pictures. AWW.

Surprise birthday cake for Maddie!

The common room in the Princess Suite (HUUUUUGE). I slept on that futon.

Rest stop for the bike ride. Isn't Connecticut beautiful? Those two ladies right in the middle were my new friends! Yay

Me and my very nice borrowed bike, after I finished the ride.

View of Old Campus from Andres's dorm room in L-Dub (isn't that funny? I don't even know L-Dub's full name... It just sounds like my high school)

Fall Fest. Tables and tables of food from various regions of the world. And live music from Yale bands. I didn't even know this was happening. Just an average weekend -- whatevs. The shoulders in the corners belong to Maddie and Andres (love the Yay Area friends)


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