day one in new york | primo giorno a new york

I write this from my great aunt Leslie’s glorious apartment in New York, New York! (What’s less glorious is no wi-fi –> can’t put up pictures yet. Patience is a virtue!)

Today was a full day. I arrived from my flight at 7 am, and after a very long cab ride, made it back to Leslie’s. I fell asleep nearly upon impact, and only my grumbling stomach (and my alarm clock) woke me.

After a lunch of bagel with salami and cream cheese (hello New York), I headed off to the West Village, for a snack with my great great aunt Dina. (Lots of great aunts here.) We spent three or four hours in the Bus Stop Cafe, discussing not only my plans for the future, but also my familial past. Never before have I gotten the chance to sit down for a long time and just chat with Dina, and never before have I heard so much about my mom’s birth mother, Barbara. It felt like Dina and I held eye contact for all three of those hours; I learned a lot about my grandmother, my own mother, and even myself. All of this over a bowl of yogurt with strawberries and honey.

After meeting with Dina, I headed up to Barnard (my geographical skillz are improving already!), where I had dinner with my friend Nora. We both kept pointing out how weird it was to be seeing each other in New York, when we’re used to hanging out at high school, at home. Times are changing, I guess. We had dinner in a cafeteria (freeeeee), and it was nice to get a taste of the college life.

Hasta domani.


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  1. Jojo

    Anya, I am so happy to learn of your poetic escapades in this Blog-osphere. Please keep ’em rolling/per piacere, scrive piu! Bacci

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