t minus 4 days | t meno quattro giorni

In my journal from many many moons ago, I made a list titled “Places I Want To Go To In My Lifetime”. The first 33 places listed were Italy. Finally, for some variety, the final destination was Greece.

Despite my fervent desire to go to Italy — I mean, seriously, who fills up an entire 5/6 of a page writing “Italy” over and over, in two complete, well-aligned columns? — I never would’ve thought that I’d get to spend seven and a half consecutive months there. And yet, I keep doing those reality checks they say to do if you want to lucid dream, like with the spinning top in ‘Inception’, and I’m still here. I’m still remembering that I have four days to get my wardrobe/life into a suitcase, because then I’m off. I spend a week on the east coast, and just when I think I’ve adjusted to that time change, I’ll be in for a much bigger change. I don’t even want to write about what I expect because I know it will all be simultaneously crazy and new and different and yet everything I hoped for.

I guess it’s time to accomplish something on that list I made years ago. I guess it’s time to complete a “Wish and Dream” I wrote on a poster I made in Kindergarten: “Go To Italy” (notice a trend here?).

I will now proceed to throw in broken Italian phrases here and there (note the title of this post, oh yeah) as well as talk incessantly about pasta (you’ll love it).

Hasta pronto, i miei amici!


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